You’re a New NBCT, What Now?

youre-a-new-nbct-what-nowThis week many teachers across the national will find out whether or not they have achieved National Board Certification.  For new NBCTs the excitement and relief of certifying will overshadow any immediate personal or professional plans.  These teachers have worked on their portfolios for up to 400 hours and waited for the score release day for many months.  They can look forward to many warm congratulations from colleagues, friends and family.  These new NBCTs will have achieved what very few teachers in the professional will ever attempt.  They have demonstrated that they teach to the national professional teaching standards.  They analyzed and reflected on their teaching practice, made constant modifications and became more accomplished teachers along the way.

Message to Newly Certified National Board Teachers:

Once the upcoming holidays pass and the fanfare dies down as a new NBCT you might begin to wonder what might be next for you.  What opportunities might be available to you as a National Board Certified Teacher and what path might your teaching career take.  If you viewed yourself as a teacher leader prior to the certification process then you probably have redefined what teacher leader means to you today and are eager to explore what that might look like for you now and in the future.

Advice for New NBCTs:

  • Enjoy the congratulations and celebrations
  • Don’t be modest, you worked hard
  • Thank those that supported you, listened to you and believed in you
  • Take time to thank yourself
  • Remember the students you used in your portfolios
  • Model accomplished teaching for colleagues
  • Share your expertise with current candidates
  • Frame your certificate and display it proudly in your classroom
  • NBCTs lead the way, get ready for a lot of followers

Congratulations to all newly National Board Certified Teachers!




Julie Torres

Julie Torres

Tucson, Arizona

My name is Julie Torres. I wasn’t always sure that I wanted to be a teacher; somewhere along the way I realized that teaching had been knocking at my door for a long time. I became a teacher because it felt natural; I remain a teacher because my students inspire me.

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