What This Mom Does to Stay Informed

With the seven tabs open on my computer, I notice another “1 new Tweet” sign popped up. I switch over from the EdWeek blog to see a retweet from @nancyflanagan

I have carefully placed a portable mirror in my closet to see my toddler playing with the odds and ends of what makes its way in there. Hey, this set-up allows me some time to stay in the loop.  Oh, what we do to stay connected.

Another ding. This time an email from my principal. What to do: try on the sixth pair of shoes the little one has brought me or click on the email?

It is really easy to stay out of the loop. We have priorities. During this beginning of the school year time, most of our priorities tend to focus on what we have planned for the classroom and not what is being said about it. I say now is the best time to reevaluate those priorities and include be informed if it is not already on your list.

Since you have ten minutes right now, check one of these three sites out or sign up for a Twitter account.  Tomorrow click on another site and find 5 people to follow on Twitter. The next day, the same. You see where I’m going with this. 

It is part of our job to stay informed about the policy issues surrounding education. I have found so many blogs from connections made on Twitter with people I have never met.  I must say I probably follow people who share the same educational beliefs as me, but my goal is to connect with the other side.  Why? I want to see where they come from since they are the people who mostly driving me crazy with policy issues.  

  • Well, you are off to a great start since you’re already reading Stories from School Arizona.  Try our friends in the Northwest.
  • I could spend a crazy half hour reading Diane Ravitch’s blog
  • Fellow SFSAZ blogger John Spencer has another blog.
  • Once you have a Twitter account, look into chats using hashtags.

I’m trying my best to stay in the loop, so please help and suggest some more.  We need to share these resources and make change.



Molly Reed

Molly Reed

Tucson, Arizona

My classroom teaching experience has been in Tucson’s urban public schools with grades first through fifth. Beginning my eleventh year of teaching, I am the Outdoor Learning Coordinator at a Project Based Learning primary school. I am a National Board Certified Teacher (ECGen) with a BA in Elementary Education and MA in Teaching and Teacher Education from the University of Arizona.

My introduction to teaching occurred during a National Outdoor Leadership School semester which led me to work as an outdoor educator traveling throughout the United States and South America. I am interested in connecting with other educators and those interested in the changes in schools with education policy.

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