‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas and we are ready for break
No one was working how much more can we take?
The students looked busy but I knew it was fake.
How can they stay focused when the year is so late?My assistant looked frantic and ready to quit.
I knew she’d calm down if she’d just have a sit.
When out in the courtyard there came such a rattle!
We all sprang outside to see what was the matter.

Right out the door they all flew in a flash
At least they tried to. It didn’t work. They ended in a crash!.
Then what to our wondering eyes did appear
But a Christmas Cactus! To decorate? Oh dear!

When I saw it, I thought this must be a trick.
And I realized right then it came from St. Nick!
I ran to the door before things turned insane
I shouted, and pointed, and called them by name:

“Come Kathie! Come Angie, No Donny and Sandy!
Move Kristy! Stop Dannie! Go Tony and Mary!
Move over! Don’t touch! Please do not fall!
Now get away! Get away! Get away all!

As papers and wrappers from lunch flew by
The scholars, as a herd, started to try
to develop a plan that would give it some style.
I thought, “No, way too prickly”, but they began to smile.

First came cotton balls that they strung on a string.
Ms. Rose, the Nurse, won’t like that thing!
Next came yarn tinsel
thrown on while romping about.
The stars made from pencils
got a wall bursting shout!

At last they were done.
Oh! What a delight!
When the smallest one
placed the Christmas bell just right.

As I looked at our cactus
So festive and gaudy
I knew right then
this week would be jolly.

My darlings looked at me
and I knew just what to say:

“Merry Christmas my dears!
You just made my day!”

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