The Student Teacher

Part of my 2011 teaching plan includes mentoring a student teacher. 

In the past, mentoring student teachers has been a real check of my control issues.  My husband would be proud I acknowledge this, and I relish in it as well.  I look at it as a way to reevaluate my controlling appetite and instead funnel it towards…collaboration, sharing all the things I wish I had known, and demonstrating to students how successful partnerships can be made. 

The usual nerves are gone because I know her.  Well,  I don’t know her like a friend, but she spent the past semester with my class.  Her methods block required her to be in the classroom a day and a half every week, so she could see how a class functioned and shared the experiences when she returned to her methods classes.  She taught whole group, small group and one-on-one lessons in every subject area.  We reviewed these lessons and worked well together. Her strengths are plentiful, and it was great to see her grow. 

It will be a more valuable experience for everyone (students, parents, fellow teachers, her, and me) because a relationship has already been established.

I have heard stories from other teachers about not-so-good placements, and I just wonder how that is possible. Sure, most begin with a 30 mintute meeting in Decemeber, and then magically work together in January. Why not learn from successful experiences and model the future after them?

It seems to me an easy way to help change education.


Molly Reed

Molly Reed

Tucson, Arizona

My classroom teaching experience has been in Tucson’s urban public schools with grades first through fifth. Beginning my eleventh year of teaching, I am the Outdoor Learning Coordinator at a Project Based Learning primary school. I am a National Board Certified Teacher (ECGen) with a BA in Elementary Education and MA in Teaching and Teacher Education from the University of Arizona.

My introduction to teaching occurred during a National Outdoor Leadership School semester which led me to work as an outdoor educator traveling throughout the United States and South America. I am interested in connecting with other educators and those interested in the changes in schools with education policy.

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