Setting Resolutions: A 30 Day Challenge

Today officially ends the first half of my school year and, with that, starts my brain thinking about the new year and new semester.  New Year’s Eve brings with it resolutions, and I fail at mine along with half the other people who set them. I can never seem to make it past February when I fall off the wagon of whatever goal I have set. This year, in an attempt to avoid the 1st month failure, I have settled on a new version of the resolution: a 30 day challenge.

To start, you must pick a goal and commit to it for a month.  365 days of change is just not realistic for me, but I can make a change for 30 days.

My goal was an easy one to settle on- I am a compulsive email checker.  I check my email multiples times a day, at home, and at school.  I know I need my email to get important school information and communicate with parents, so it would not be realistic to completely cut myself off.  Instead, for the month of January, I have decided to commit to only checking my email while I am at school.  I know I do too much school work after school hours, and I am hoping that cutting myself off from email after I leave the building will help me relax and separate work from home.

Step 1, before January 1st, is limiting the ways I can access my email. When my computer opens up, my email is the first thing I see, and that means I usually check it, so I need to delete that bookmark.  I also have my email on my phone in case I need to check something while I am out, so I will have to delete that too.  Hopefully limiting the access on my devices will help curb my checking it.

Step 2 is making sure I get my emails answered during the day. The biggest reason I check my email after school is that I have not finished responding to what I need to or I have emails to send that I did not get to during my prep period.  Either way, I am going to have to use my school time productively to make sure I do not have a reason to open up my email once I get home.  If I do not get to answer something, I am going to have to be okay putting it off until the next day.

Do you have any personal or professional resolutions you are setting for the New Year?  Or are you going to give the 30 day challenge a try?  Comment below to share your goals for the start of the year.


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