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Like many of you, my inbox has been inundated with emails regarding budget proposals, AIMS testing preparations, DIBELS schedules, and meeting approval dates. It is that time of year.

Tonight I received an email of a different sort from my principal. She shared a link to a blog post asking readers to share their thoughts in six words to the question, What does it mean to be a great teacher?

Perhaps you might like to take a break during these busy days to read a few of the responses.

The winning words made me think about what my students might say of their experiences over the years. It might even be a good homework assignment for the whole family.  

How would you answer in just six words?

I remember her fifty years later.

-Cullen A.


Molly Reed

Molly Reed

Tucson, Arizona

My classroom teaching experience has been in Tucson’s urban public schools with grades first through fifth. Beginning my eleventh year of teaching, I am the Outdoor Learning Coordinator at a Project Based Learning primary school. I am a National Board Certified Teacher (ECGen) with a BA in Elementary Education and MA in Teaching and Teacher Education from the University of Arizona.

My introduction to teaching occurred during a National Outdoor Leadership School semester which led me to work as an outdoor educator traveling throughout the United States and South America. I am interested in connecting with other educators and those interested in the changes in schools with education policy.

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