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I love reading.  This year, I have witnessed many of my first and second graders discover this love.

I felt their energy when we walked to the library for the first time.  I watched their eyes darting around the room while they struggled to hear the expectations for the new space.  They could barely sit still when so many new and untouched books surrounded them.

I overhear them recommending their favorite stories and informational reads to friends.

I see their faces light up when they realize a book they didn’t used to be able to read is suddenly just right. 

 I notice the quiet that falls over the room during Morning D.E.A.R.  Dropping everything and reading has become a pleasure that it was not in the beginning of the year.

February is love of reading month.  The month we celebrate how much we all love to read.  But why do we love to read?  Why do we honor reading with a whole month of events and activities?  What is so special about reading?  I know my own answers to these questions.  But I wanted to hear what my students would say.

In the spirit of Jen’s recent blog, I will give you some of their answers.  Sans spelling errors.

I love reading because it helps me to do math. 

I love reading because I can pretend my life is exciting when it’s not. 

I love reading because it helps me to learn. 

I love reading because you need it to be a grown-up. 

I love reading because when I am reading a book I can be anyone I want to be. 

I love reading because when you can read you can help other people.  

Reading is special because it lets us see how other people think and feel.  

Reading is important because you need to read to follow directions and understand information. 

I love reading because it is relaxing.  It gives me a break from the day. 

Reading is special because it tells us about real life in other places. 

I love reading because it makes me free like a butterfly floating in the sky.

I love reading because some books make me laugh and feel silly. 

Reading is special because it is something we can do alone, with our parents, with our teacher, with our friends, and with strangers. 

Reading is special because it takes us to new places. 

I love reading books about animals and looking at the illustrations. 

I love reading because when my mom makes lists I know what they say. 

I love reading because I know how to do it now. 

I love reading because we need it to research insects.

I love reading because it can show you a brand new world. 


Why do you love reading?


Kelly Leehey

Kelly Leehey

Tucson, Arizona

My name is Kelly Leehey and I am a first-year teacher in Tucson, AZ. I currently teach a primary multiage class in a public Dual Language and Project-based Learning K-8 school. I begin my career as a teaching professional brimming with excitement and armed with a wonderful student teaching experience.

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