Fall Semester All Summed Up

“Sorry it took me so long to get back to you; there was a computer glitch. Just know that you’re doing great, and I love the positive way that you speak to your students.”

It’s always nice to get positive feedback after observations, but this year they mean more than ever. This first semester has been such a rollercoaster ride, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy that it’s over. Between the influx of phone calls, trying to figure out virtual assessments, and trying to make sure your kids gain SOME sort of academic skills, there are days, even weeks, where it all feels impossible. Somehow though, as a team and as a staff, we’ve become closer than ever. We send each other little notes and gifts through the mail, encouraging messages through text, and give each other shout-outs during virtual staff meetings.

If you would’ve asked me back in July if we would go an entire semester teaching over GoogleMeets, I would’ve said you were crazy. Learning how to navigate a million different platforms while trying to make sure all of my students had wifi, working laptops, and all of the needed workbooks felt like an impossible task.

Despite all of the frustration and stress this semester has brought; however, I’m happy to say that this semester has been quite successful. I’ve not only developed positive relationships with my students but with their families as well. This semester I worked extra hard to make sure that my students learn positive coping skills, and it’s been incredible to watch these little first graders demonstrate them while at home.

Due to the increase in COVID cases and school construction, I’m reasonably confident that our school year will continue to be virtual-only until we break for June. While I’m more than ready to get back to teaching in-person, I’ll always be grateful for this year that has taught me how to navigate through just about anything. This might be the year of isolation, tears, and frustration, but I can also see that this will be a school year filled with so much good.


Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams is in her fourth year teaching, her first two years were in special education, and her last two have been in general education teaching first grade setting. She has taught in both a public-school setting, and the charter/Bureau of Indian Education setting, and has enjoyed them both. When she is not in the classroom, she spends much of her time looking into policies that affect our education system, as well as looking into ways on how to work in more social/emotional activities that will not only benefit her students but her entire family.

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