8 Reasons Why You Should Become a National Board Certified Teacher

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is evolving, making the certification process more affordable and accessible to teachers.  You might be wondering what this means for you as an educator.  The time has come for our profession to have a certification process that is rigorous and respected.  If you are on the fence about becoming a National Board Candidate, you might find the reasons listed below helpful in making a decision.

1. Only you know what your students truly need. It is critical that you as an educator are at the forefront of the decisions made in your classroom.  The National Board process can help you to craft the language necessary to effectively advocate for the needs of your students.

2. The National Boards is releasing its third version. Candidates will now have the opportunity to work at their own pace while reflecting on their practice at a deeper level.

3. Working at your own pace also means paying at your own pace; affordability and access are now available to teachers.

4. Our profession needs to raise the bar. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard. We must be courageous enough to put our practice up for public review.

5. This process requires deep analytical and reflective thinking that is not the norm in most teachers’ professional development opportunities.  This strengthens teacher practice and improves student achievement.

6. Becoming an NBCT means that you teach to the National Board Standard, the gold standard in teaching.

7. Every student deserves the best teacher possible and National Board Certification is one way to identify the best teachers in the profession.

8. If not you, then who? If not now, when?


Julie Torres

Julie Torres

Tucson, Arizona

My name is Julie Torres. I wasn’t always sure that I wanted to be a teacher; somewhere along the way I realized that teaching had been knocking at my door for a long time. I became a teacher because it felt natural; I remain a teacher because my students inspire me.

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